We target investments into small and medium-sized businesses that are no longer core to a parent company’s strategic objectives or require a different ownership structure and skillset to achieve their full potential.

We look for potential that may not be immediately obvious and understand that realising that potential requires specialist skills and experience, alongside capital.

Inspirit Capital

We are not deterred by market headwinds, balance sheet stress, incomplete management teams or operational challenges – providing we can stabilise the business and create a platform for sustainable growth.

Inspirit Capital

To address these types of challenges, we are accustomed to creative and flexible transaction structures, as well as putting measures in place which ensure that management time is not distracted from the optimum business strategy.

Inspirit Capital

We are open-minded on industry sector and have experience of most, meaning we can appraise investment opportunities quickly and provide sellers with high transaction certainty.

Inspirit Capital
Inspirit Capital

Typical Investment Scenarios

Our target investment situations typically fall in one or more of the following categories:

Corporate Divestments

Non-core carve-outs, antitrust-led remedy processes, complex asset divestitures

Operational Transformations

Buy-and-build programmes, complex outsourcing opportunities, corporate relocation projects

Special Situations

Company and lender-driven turnarounds, captive customer scenarios, unusual/volatile working capital requirements, succession challenges

Investment criteria

Recognising each situation is different, we are not restricted by minimum cheque sizes or revenue targets. This is particularly the case with bolt-on investments. Nevertheless, our target opportunities will typically need to meet the following criteria:

Businesses of scale

Generally revenue greater than GBP 20million

Enterprise Value

Up to GBP 50million

UK-headquartered businesses

Potentially with operating divisions outside of the UK

Control investments

Typically through majority equity ownership

A target investment horizon

Up to 5 years

Opportunity for material transformation through our ownership period

Through resolution of strategic, operational or financial complexities